Are you a certified drone operator?

Yes! Manny is an Federal Aviation Administration (FFA) certified commercial UAS operator under 14 CFR Part 107.
UAS equipment is additionally registered with the FAA.

Is Drone Photography safe?

We strive to be as safe as we can be and take many precautions while operating a drone. Equipment is carefully inspected before each flight and propeller guards are often used with flights around people. While deemed unnecessary by hobbyist & enthusiasts, these guards are there for safety in the rare case something were to happen.

Additionally, while a drone is in use, a visual observer (VO) will keep track of the drone at all times. If something does go wrong such as a motor failure, both the VO and the pilot will quickly assess the situation and act accordingly. A failing drone can still be somewhat controlled and at the very least be shut off immediately to avoid damage caused by fast spinning propellers—untrained pilots will often overlook an emergency shutoff.

Are you insured?

Yes. We have liability insurance that covers our UAS usage.



We can't allow anyone other than Manny to pilot the drone, especially around people. Our UAV controls are very custom-tailored to Manny therefore making it difficult for anyone else to fly safely from the get go. Additionally, we can't risk any injuries or damages that incur due to do inexperienced piloting of our UAVs.