Award: Viewbug Staff Winter Selection 2015

Racing Lights
Sony 35mm f/1.8 OSS @ f/1.8 | 3.3 min | ISO 100

This image of mine just received the viewbug "Staff Winter Selection 2015" award! Pretty cool little achievement. Click here to view this image on the viewbug website. I shot this in June, this last summer.

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 I was out with a friend trying out some night photography. While checking out the milky way with another camera, I set another on a gorillapod on the nearby road. Cars and semis had been passing by, so I thought, "why not?" I then composed my shot, focused towards the middle of the road, released the shutter and walked away. After several minutes and several cars passing by, I decided to come back to the camera and close the shutter. I wanted the light trails, a blue sky, and some star trails, but didn't want the light trails to become too faint and for the city light pollution nearby to overexpose. Here's the result! Didn't expect the trails to be that squiggly and everything just came out perfect. A great variety of vehicles passed by as well which made the image.

Cool thing that judges thought this was a cool image as well. Wish me luck on my future viewbug submissions!