Engaged, Part II Engaged

Got engaged to that one special person on the 25th of September. Katie and I are so happy! We are incredibly blessed to have each other and our family and friends. We've had such a great journey so far and are way ready to move on to the next step! I couldn't have asked for a better woman in my life. :) 

These are shots I took with the camera on a tripod! Our official engagement session is in December. Shannon from fotoNovella will be capturing our story this December along with our wedding in May. 

Katie and I met in 2011 at Columbia Basin College, Pasco, in the school's jazz choir called FreeForm. I was in the group 4 years and she joined in on my 3rd year. We were in it together for 2 years. The funny part we like to share is that we didn't really acknowledge each other for the whole first year and a half together. I played piano as part of the rhythm section and she sang. We were even right next to each other during practices, but nope, nothing! 

Long story short, we officially started our relationship on September 25th, 2013, after we realized how amazing the other person was. It's been the best since then! I am truly blessed to have her by my side. She's the best! We're way excited for the years to come.