A Hello


Welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Here I want to share my personal journey through my new life lens that is photography. I don’t even have a year with non-smartphone camera gear under my belt, but photography has become a strong passion already (to the point of my wallet feeling it…) and I know that I want to keep it going for as long as I live.

There’s something special about pressing that shutter button. In seconds you have froze time and captured it in your hands. How amazing is that? It is so easy to take for granted. Nowadays, 10 year-olds all have their iPhones and can selfie away with ease. Anyone can immortalize their face in seconds. Now is there something wrong with that? Well, not really. To me it just seems like photography has less reverence today than it deserves. The ability to capture a moment in time is such a great gift from God. A picture is more than just an image. A picture is a window to the past. This window speaks emotions and memories from said past. Even if one is in no way associated with a picture, it will still speak to them. Furthermore, this window speaks differently to every individual. This is all the beauty of photography. This is why I love it.