Gabriela Garcia

We got another musician here on the blog today! I really enjoy photographing musicians - maybe due to me being one myself? As a fellow artist, I especially appreciate a musician's craft. Furthermore, to you current and future music (and all) educators, ya'll are just awesome. I couldn't do what you do! (I say that to my wife all the time, she's a 5th grade teacher). Teachers do so much and I believe they deserve more than what they often get - but that's another story!

Gabriela here is a trombonist and is currently finishing up her music education studies at Central Washington University. She has her recital coming up within a couple months and is working hard for her performance. We partnered up to get some images to promote her recital and below is the result!

Looking forward to getting some event images of her recital soon!

..and last but not least, a couple shots of her and someone special that tagged along with her for the shoot. :)


Oooh, I was just remembering how bad the weather was that day - raining all day! We were however blessed with the rain stopping right as we started and we actually got a little bit of sunlight as well, which I thought we had no chance of getting that day. Really cool!

Michael Douglas

michael douglas, tri-cities musician photo

Here's a session I did for my buddy Michael Douglas. He's an excellent musician that I've known for half a decade! (long time, I know!). Back in the day, we were both part of our college's (Columbia Basin College) jazz vocal group, "FreeForm".

I played keys and he took care of vocals/guitar. Good times! We have also had a history of gigging together around town a bit during that time. It was always enjoyable. Michael is versatile in the styles of music that he brings while still upholding his own personal style regardless of what he is playing. His diversity encompasses jazz, rock, country, and pop styles. In additional to this diversity, Michael often partners up with other great musicians in the area and create awesome musical duos that make for a fun musical evening.

Presently, Michael continues to "rock on" and currently resides and gigs in the Tri-Cities area. He creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere wherever he goes with his vocals and really cool guitars (he indeed does have very cool guitars). If you like music and food/wine, you should check him out! He has recently played at Gordon Estate Wine Bar, 3 Eyed Fish, Venezia Ristorante, and RF McDougalls to name a few places. 

Check out Michael's new website here!

Something United

These are some friends of mine that have started a band called "Something United" in the Seattle area. They are awesome individuals and make a great team. Here's a link to their Facebook page here. If you're into the indie, punk, and alternative styles, check them out, they have some videos up on their Facebook page.

Got a chance to photograph them during a Seattle trip of mine. It was a blast! Despite me not having been to the University of Washington campus before, we chose it as our location and I think it definitely worked out well!