Time for some class of 2017!
Here we have selections from an awesome Chiawana High School student's senior shoot. 

That last shot was just for fun! We wanted a shot in front of that door, but without harsh sunlight. But, how do you do that when the sun is facing you? The answer is you have an assistant hold a reflector to shade off section by section, then put all the shots together! We made it work!

Katie's Senior Pictures & Graduation

So last month was quite eventful!

Katie graduated, had her birthday, then we got married and we were out two weeks for our honeymoon. Did I mention this was all last month? It was all very fun. Time to get back into the groove though!

Back in April I thought it'd be a great idea to have a mini senior photo session in celebration of my awesome wife's graduation! Who said you can't do college senior portraits? We went out one day and did just that. It was so fun for both of us. 

We also got to get some pictures with the family which was really fun too. Check them out along with some pictures of the graduation below.

So proud of my wife. She's just the best!