Landon Family

Mike & Ronni (the parents) are almost at their two year anniversary! I got to celebrate with them on their big day and took their wedding pictures. Nowadays, them having a fur-baby family has led us to meet again, this time get some fun family pictures (of mostly their doggies). Why, not? "Exactly", you're thinking? That is correct. Boy, were they a little crazy-BUT, you know I love a challenge. We made it work so good! Aren't they so cute?

You know what's interesting? I only remember the most obedient/sweetest dog and then the one that was barking at me constantly. Can you guess who is who? The answers are below!

Doggy 1 is called Ariel. She's very sweet and was the easiest to photograph,
Doggy 2 is Dexter. He barked at me quite a bit, but I found the sliver of good side, ha!
Doggy 3 is the one I forgot! UNTIL JUST NOW, her name was Molly. She was medium well— good, but just a little too hyper!