faith assembly

Isaac + Yami

What a fun day this was! I had met Isaac at Best Buy some years back as we both worked there. Next thing you know (several years later), I get asked to photograph their special day. Of course I said yes!

Isaac & Yami started off the day cozy by getting ready "in-home". We then moved down to Faith Assembly Church (my own home church) for the wedding party and family portraits as that was an easy to find and close location for all of us. Blankspace was their ceremony venue of choice for a small and intimate ceremony. It was so sweet! Isaac & Yami were just the sweetest.

For the reception, we headed to Isaac & Yami's home church, New Life Church and finished their celebration there. They had yummy Mexican-style food by Fiesta Catering and many fun activities. Namely, one that raised them over $700 in cash on the spot! So they had a boys versus girls competition where guests would bring out cash and the teams competed to find and grab the most cash. What a hoot! In the end, the boys found more money and so the girls had to dance the Macarena as punishment. So fun!

After some delicious cake, it was time to go! Just outside the church, Isaac & Yami had their grand exit. Not sure what happened to the sparklers idea we had mentioned in our planning, but I remember being asked right before if phone flashes would work for this exit. I had never even thought of this, but I knew we could make it work! So, we did just that! Everyone then lined up and turned on their phone flashes and BOOM. Magic. It totally worked out great!

So happy for my friends! Congrats, Isaac & Yami!

Special thanks to Esther for second shooting for me!

Child Dedications At Faith Assembly

Faith Assembly believes children are a gift from God. Child dedication is a public commitment one makes before God, one’s church, and one’s family. The dedication service provides parent(s) an opportunity to express publicly their desire to lead and spiritually nurture their child in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, so their child will develop a desire to love God and love others.
— Faith Tri-Cities

These are images from the dedications this last Sunday, January 17th, 2016.

Royal Tea - Royal Family Kids Camp Fundraiser

Photos from the 2015 Royal Tea. The event was held at Faith Assembly Church in Pasco.

It was a really fun event to be a part of! Everybody definitely had a great time especially the little ones - they get to meet all these princesses in real life. 

All the proceeds from this event go towards Royal Family Kids Camp to help out the foster kids ages 6 to 11.

Visit the Royal Family Kids Camp website for more information on the camp and how you can help.