"Train" & 'Winter Dreamland' in Kennewick

Pentax M 50mm f/1.4 SMC @ f/2 | 1/60s | ISO 160

Model train setup at a local 'Winter Dreamland' event by The Living Room in Kennewick, WA with a little bit of panning action! Didn't want to drag the shutter too much as I wanted to keep the wonderfully done scene recognizable. I think I used to have a small train like this as a young kid and It was one of my favorites, buuut I don't think it lasted very long considering I only vaguely remember it, oops!

The event itself was neat. They had quiet a few activities for kids to do. My fiancée, her mom, and I enjoyed the hot chocolate they had. Indoors they had a number of activities including, toy car painting, cookie "designing", among others. Outside they had a big slide/bounce house, hot dogs and hot chocolate, a live nativity scene, and some 'gingerbread house looking' stations that you could walk in to with different things inside. 

It was great just to walk around and spend time together! Below are some more pictures. 

"Blue Bridge Sunset"

"Blue Bridge Sunset"
Sony 28mm f/2 @ f/9 | 1/160s | ISO 100 | Pano

Borrowed my buddy Jonathan's Sony 28mm as we shot this scene together. What a great lens! Sharp even wide open at f/2, it's compact, has full frame coverage, and it's under $500. It's a steal! Did a bit of a pano for this one initially to get more of a field of view, but I ended up deciding the stitched pano was too wide for my taste, so I cropped and here's the end result! I really enjoy the sunsets around here in Tri-Cities.

"Truck Pull"

Truck Pull
Sigma 30mm f/2.8 DN Art @ f/13 | 1/15s | ISO 100

A shot taken at the Pacific Pro Pulling Series Truck & Tractor Pull in Kennewick, back in June 2015. First time going to one of these events and I enjoyed it. My fiancée's fam and I had a great time. Didn't get the best viewpoint, but still decided get some shots.

Opted for a really slow shutter speed to get some "panning" action going. 1/15s was maybe a little too low than I needed on this one (image could be sharper), but this was my favorite shot. Panning is keeping the subject in the same place in the frame by moving with them as they pass you by rotating your upper body and camera on the horizontal plane.

There is plenty of Youtube videos out there on this worth checking out if you haven't tried this technique. It's fun! Couple this technique with a slow shutter speed and you get this classic effect that's seen everywhere. Try it out!