long exposure

"Ed Hendler 'Cable' Bridge"

Ed Hendler "Cable" Bridge
Rokinon 12mm f/2 NCS CS @ f/8 | 51s | ISO 100 | ND

Ed Hendler Bridge at night. We just call it the "Cable Bridge!"

Went out shooting with my friend Isaac that night. Had fun until we saw a bright flashlight and a strange truck parked next to our cars. We thought I'd be the police so we put our gear away and headed back towards our cars. Once we get there, we realize it isn't police but I believe it was a man in charge of the Port of Pasco (we were a little nervous, so it's a little cloudy.) I thought maybe they were looking for someone or something bad happened in the area, but turns out he just thought our cars were suspicious and asked us what we were doing during that time. Well, we explained everything and after that everything was all good and we had a nice conversation; but I learned that the area around the cable bridge is pretty "sketchy" on the Pasco side. I had no idea. So, despite being told that we could continue, my friend and I just left after learning about the sketchy people the man usually encounters in that area. At least we got our shots before all that!

Here's some background on the bridge: "The bridge was the first in the United States to use a 'cable-stayed' design and is constructed almost entirely of pre-stressed concrete. The bridge towers were constructed first, with the bridge deck, which was cast in individual segments, raised up and secured to each other.

The bridge was named after Ed Hendler, a Pasco, Washington insurance salesman, as well as the city's former mayor, who headed up the committee responsible for obtaining the funding for construction of the bridge. Hendler died in August 2001."