"Dying Sunlight"

Dying Sunlight
Samsung NX 30mm f/2 @ f/8 | 1/15s | ISO 100

An oldie but goodie! A very cool sunset over my fianceé's family's vineyard. They grow for Welch's! Shot back in April of 2015.

This is a shot that secretly says, "always have a camera with you, it's worth it!" This sunset was actually a pleasant surprise as I casually looked out the window from inside the house. I loved the colors of the sunlit clouds and their contrast over the vineyard. I did not expect it at all. However, it was awesome that I got to capture this beautiful scene as I had a camera with me!

"Blue Bridge Sunset"

"Blue Bridge Sunset"
Sony 28mm f/2 @ f/9 | 1/160s | ISO 100 | Pano

Borrowed my buddy Jonathan's Sony 28mm as we shot this scene together. What a great lens! Sharp even wide open at f/2, it's compact, has full frame coverage, and it's under $500. It's a steal! Did a bit of a pano for this one initially to get more of a field of view, but I ended up deciding the stitched pano was too wide for my taste, so I cropped and here's the end result! I really enjoy the sunsets around here in Tri-Cities.