tri-cities wedding

Taylor + Tabatha

We had a blast at Taylor & Tabatha's big day! It all took place at Grace Baptist Church in Kennewick, WA. Everything looked great! Tabatha's beautiful dress was from Amy's Bridal. The grey suits were a nice match with the dress and bridesmaids' colors. Their day was full of laughter, silliness, and just lots of emotion. You'll see all that in the photos below!

Funny moment: Best man pretend looses ring right before the ring exchange. You can imagine the reactions! It was hilarious as he pulls out the actual rings from his pocket. Thanks for that!

The fun didn't stop there and that just made the day fly by way too fast! We really enjoyed celebrating with these two! Thank you once again, Mr. & Mrs. Pemberton!

Isaac + Yami

What a fun day this was! I had met Isaac at Best Buy some years back as we both worked there. Next thing you know (several years later), I get asked to photograph their special day. Of course I said yes!

Isaac & Yami started off the day cozy by getting ready "in-home". We then moved down to Faith Assembly Church (my own home church) for the wedding party and family portraits as that was an easy to find and close location for all of us. Blankspace was their ceremony venue of choice for a small and intimate ceremony. It was so sweet! Isaac & Yami were just the sweetest.

For the reception, we headed to Isaac & Yami's home church, New Life Church and finished their celebration there. They had yummy Mexican-style food by Fiesta Catering and many fun activities. Namely, one that raised them over $700 in cash on the spot! So they had a boys versus girls competition where guests would bring out cash and the teams competed to find and grab the most cash. What a hoot! In the end, the boys found more money and so the girls had to dance the Macarena as punishment. So fun!

After some delicious cake, it was time to go! Just outside the church, Isaac & Yami had their grand exit. Not sure what happened to the sparklers idea we had mentioned in our planning, but I remember being asked right before if phone flashes would work for this exit. I had never even thought of this, but I knew we could make it work! So, we did just that! Everyone then lined up and turned on their phone flashes and BOOM. Magic. It totally worked out great!

So happy for my friends! Congrats, Isaac & Yami!

Special thanks to Esther for second shooting for me!

Chris + Jenny, Part I // Vietnamese Tea Ceremony

Woohoo, we're back with a blog post on a different kind of ceremony...a tea ceremony! I got to celebrate with Chris and Jenny last month photographing their TWO ceremonies! They had a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony in the morning and in the evening had their "regular" wedding. What a fun day! This was my first tea ceremony, so it was very cool to experience something a little different.

On that note, I thought I'd include a little bit of a background on what you'll see below since it's a little different.

In traditional Vietnamese culture, the tea ceremony IS the wedding which always takes place in the bride parent’s home. Tea ceremonies are where couples exchange rings, vows, and pay respect to their parents, families, and ancestors. In Vietnam this is how all people are married. It’s also a time to formally introduce family members from the brides’s side and the groom’s side to each other. The tea ceremony is significant to the Vietnamese weddings because couples could show respect and appreciation to their parents and family members for all of their love and sacrifice, all of which has helped shape the bride and groom into the individuals they have become.
— Source:

Here's what Chris & Jenny's schedule was like:

  • Groom and family come to bride's house bearing decorated lacquer gift boxes covered in red cloth. They are greeted by the bride's family at the door.
  • Formal family introductions
  • Asking ancestors for permission/blessings with incense.
  • Mom walks bride down aisle (in this case, stairs!!) First time bride and groom see each other!
  • Exchange of wedding rings.
  • Serving of tea to parents/family.
  • Couple presented with gold jewelry (for good fortune) and red envelopes with money (to help start their lives together).
  • Candle ceremony symbolizing joining of the bride and groom and their families.
  • FOOD! Homemade traditional Vietnamese food of course! (it was delicious!)

Stay tuned for another blog post on their "other" wedding!