Matt + Laurie

     What a fun wedding this was! This wedding was a little special because we've known the couple for several years. All of us - Katie, Myself, Matt, & Laurie - have been a part of the local college's award-winning vocal jazz ensemble. That's where we met! We've had good musical times doing performances all around. Matt & Laurie met back in 2007 and when I joined the choir as a pianist, in 2009, I believe they were already a "thing" when I met them!

     Any who, they both have been awesome people and fun to be around all this time and I'm sure all their other friends and family can easily say the same about them. Their wedding reflected that. They were themselves and had fun every step of the way. The funny faces and poker/football give that away as you'll see below. 

     Thank you Matt & Laurie for letting us share your day with you.